Saturday, 21 February 2015

Otter Sighting

Walking along the Ormsaigbeg road we saw an otter moving across one of the croft fields which run down to the beach.  These otters are often called 'sea otters', not because they're a separate species but because they spend most of their hunting time in the sea.  But they need fresh water, and often seem to build their holts higher up the hill, between the road and the common grazings fence.

Watching it, it went through the fence, crossed the next field....

....slid into the drainage ditch running down the field, and half swam, half walked upstream towards us.

By moving quickly and covertly down the road, we were in position to watch it pass through the culvert under our feet.


  1. Hi Jon,
    I watched a Pine Marten cross the road right in front of me last week near the monument in Kilchoan. Beautiful animal :-)

  2. Wonderful.
    Such a privilege to see these shy beautiful animals.
    Thank you for these superb photos.

  3. Thrilled to read about the otter. Been to Ardnamurchan at time but never been lucky.
    The only one I have seen was in a river in North Devon

  4. We're so lucky with the wildlife here. Jon

  5. We had am otter in our back garden last weekend, think it might of been heading to the pond in the front of the house which is home too our koi carp