Friday, 20 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Day 3

Looking out of our window at eight this morning, it was as if last night's dramatic events hadn't happened.  And, in some ways, the scene looked so normal - a couple of ships off Mingary Pier and a fishing boat working creels off Glas Eilean.

This is a closer look at midday.  The news is, in many ways, very good.  The ship is not leaking oil, though one of her tanks may be slightly damaged.  She isn't taking in water.  At a meeting of all those involved in the salvage, it was agreed that the fuel should be pumped out before she's moved, and for this the equipment which is coming from Holland will be needed - it should be here tomorrow. Divers have been down and had a look at her, and will be welding plates to prepare her for the tow.  With a bit of luck, she'll be away on Monday - but, on present form, the Lysblink Seaways may decide to leave early.

This photo of the bow shows some of the damage, and the Highland Council oil boom wrapped round an anchor chain.

The only real worry is the weather.  The forecast for Sunday and next week is still very uncertain, and the ship is in an exposed position for anything from a westerly to a southerly gale.

The salvage people are working hard on the press.  The headline on the BBC website, "A cargo ship that ran aground near Ardnamurchan Point in the west Highlands has been refloated on the high tide," makes it sound as if the salvage teams have done a great job.  The ship did it herself, and you can see, in the background of these pictures, where she was heading.


  1. Thanks for the updates - more useful and detailed than any of the news! :) This mishap inspired me for this comic

  2. Many thanks for your photos and updates.

  3. Cardinal Upchuck - that's a great cartoon. Do you want me to put it directly on the blog, with a link to a site of yours? Jon

  4. Thank you for all these photos and updates.

    ( Hard to be sure in the images today. It is to be hoped those various temporary anchors are nowhere near that recently buried new subsea fiber optic telecom cable across to Mull. The perfect outcome will be when no permanent evidence of this sorry and worrying event does remain.

  5. "crew were not leaving the ship" No mystery there! Amazing how long it takes for the cause of this farce to come out...

  6. As events have subsequently transpired, Cardinal Upchuck's cartoon is somewhat prescient ...