Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - More Pictures & Update

Photo copyright Jon Haylett
These pictures were taken at 4.30 this morning.  This looks across to the pier from the Coastguard shed.  HM Coastguard Kilchoan were not called out - and they're seething with rage!

This picture from AIS shows the Lysblink Seaways at 1am this morning, coming up the Sound.  It looks horribly as if she forget to turn to port as she approached Ardnamurchan and went straight onto the rocks by Kilchoan Pier.

The community is waking to the knowledge that this beautiful peninsula, with its abundant marine life, may face now a serious pollution threat.


  1. Like you Jon, I noticed on Marine Traffic she was proceeding at 14.1 knots at the time of impact!! Were they asleep on the bridge??

  2. according the AIS at she certainly went straight ahead and without reducing speed at the new rocks bouy. Someone was asleep on the bridge for sure. Pollution risk very low at this time if they can pull her off with a big tug at a suitable high tide.

  3. Is the lighthouse not a wee bit of a giveway that there's a danger ahead?