Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Day 9, Scallastle Bay

Last night, the Kingdom of Fife successfully towed the Lysblink Seaways to Scallastle Bay.  They were accompanied by the Coastguard's Emergency Towing Vessel Herakles, the Forth Jouster, and the small white boat seen yesterday, now identified as the Schiehallion out of Oban.

Scallastle Bay, arrowed, lies near the southeast end of the Sound of Mull and is, as can be seen, an ideal anchorage in the continuing stormy weather. However, the story is that, on arrival, the convoy found the tug Sally Ann, towing fish farm nets, already occupying the anchorage.  When asked to move, the Sally Ann managed to get rope wrapped round her propellor.

During the night, the large tug Luca arrived from Norway.  It is understood that, once the salvage master is sure that she's safe for it, the Luca will tow the Lysblink Seaways to Liverpool for repairs.  So we may yet see her again - hopefully not quite as close up.

'Thank you' to the many people who provided information to the Diary about what was happening with the Lysblink Seaways.

Map from Bing maps.


  1. It seems DFDS are having a bad month. Their vessel "Flandria Seaways" ran aground in Vlaardingen in Holland but she was re-floated with tugs after 3 hours and did not sustain serious damage!! Thanks for all your great news reporting on the Lysblink Seaways.

  2. Sad that she can't be repaired on the Clyde, but that's the way the cookie has crumbled over the years...

    Not, I'm sure, the way you'd have preferred to draw attention to your great blog and wonderful part of the world - but it has, there's been a good conclusion, and thanks for all your great writing and images.

    Iain McAllister, Peggy Bawn Press.

  3. Thank for all the information you have given us all, since he the Lysblink went aground on 18th February. Its been of great interest.

  4. Give the Lybslink a rest I am sick hearing about her, the crew were not in any danger the whole saga was the usual drama here I have lived here all my life, and it seems to be if you FART it goes worldwide, make sure you print this and not your opinion as to what should your preferance be

  5. Appreciate that you regurgitating rumours from third parties some of the time, so you should know that the anecdote re. SALLY ANN is nonsense.

  6. My apologies, 'Anonymous' of 1st March. I only print 'rumours' which come from good, usually reliable sources. Just occasionally they turn out to be unfounded, but I do use a 'Rumour' label/tag to indicate that the 'story' should be read with some reservation. Jon