Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Afternoon

This shows the ship at about one this afternoon, and gives some idea of the angle at which she's stranded.  At that time the weather wasn't too bad but.... 3.30 the wind had begun to rise and the weather to close in.  With the tide making, the ship is rocking on the rocks - you can hear her grinding as she moves - with the possibility that she's opening up more of her hull to the sea.

Soon afterwards, Briggs Marine's salvage boat Forth Jouster arrived on scene.  She isn't a tug but specialises in things like anchor handling.  A team also arrived in a Briggs Marine van, and they looked as if they might be divers.

It seems unlikely that much will happen tonight even though there is a good opportunity to pull her off on tomorrow morning's high tide at a quarter to six.

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