Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Day 8, Under Tow

At 2.00pm it looked a if, despite deteriorating weather conditions and a southeasterly wind at force 5 or more, the Kingdom of Fife might bring the Lysblink Seaways under tow, but suddenly....

....the small boat which has been in attendance since this morning came scurrying in to the pier to pick up what looked like rolls of the white absorbent boom material, taking them out to the ship.

The Forth Jouster, which had been astern of the Lysblink Seaways, seemed to pull the stern round while the Kingdom of Fife dropped back into the calmer water formed by the ship's hull.  They remained like this for a while before.... just before 4.00pm, the Kingdom of Fife finally took the strain and began to tow the Lysblink Seaways out into the murky conditions in the Sound of Mull.

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  1. Hope that yourself & Mrs Diary can have a few quite days now that everything is about to return to normal, thanks for keeping us all informed.