Saturday, 7 February 2015

Coastguard Training

The team at HM Coastguard Kilchoan were out this afternoon along Ormsaigbeg for cliff rescue training.  The Kilchoan team is one of the few along the west coast which is equipped and trained for cliff rescue and could be called out to an incident on the Small Isles.

The team has considerable pride in being a CRT - but it's also important because, since West Ardnamurchan is so remote, the team doubles up as local mountain rescue, being called out if someone has fallen some distance from the coast.

They chose a beautiful day to be out in the fresh air - nearly 10C, hazy sunshine and a gentle northerly breeze.  It was probably a very pleasant afternoon with some serious work to do because, if they were called out 'in anger', it would probably be in pitch dark with a gale blowing and freezing rain lashing down - the sort of weather which would prevent a helicopter being tasked to do the job.

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