Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Track

This clipping is taken from the Marine Traffic website and shows the track of the Lysblink Seaways as she headed for Ardnamurchan.  She passed very close to a skerry, the New Rocks - marked by a green buoy.  Had she struck them at the 12 knots she was travelling, we'd have had a real disaster on our hands.

Many thanks to Captain John Ross for drawing my attention to this.


  1. The charts at this link... just how close Lysblink Seaways came to not making it beyond the New Rocks. Proof indeed that she could not possibly have been "under command" from well before the New Rocks, and until Kilchoan. The New Rocks navigation buoy is equipped with an AIS responder that will have displayed its proximity on the bridge chart plotter and most probably radar screen, and should have set off an audible alarm at that proximity.

    Great reporting - keep up the good work. Fingers crossed she floats off without pollution - and then stays afloat. PB

  2. Hi PB - Many thanks for that link. Someone else had it on Facebook but I couldn't find it.

    The effects of a direct strike on the new Rocks would have been catastrophic for this community.


  3. The report of the MAIB into yhe Lysfoss grounding on Morvern in 2001 makes interesting reading.
    Richard Houston

  4. thank you for your great photo,s and reporting will you be able to show the Arial footage ?.