Saturday, 28 February 2015

Action on Broadband

We've been making a huge fuss about the fact that superfast broadband is coming to Ardnamurchan in late 2016, and we've been watching the cables go in with some anticipation.  However, what is becoming increasingly apparent is that, unless we do something about it, many households will see speeds no better than we have at the moment - and some of these are dismal.

Dave Kime has been spearheading a campaign on behalf of those who are likely to get nothing out of the £millions being spent - unless we as a community do something about it.

These properties are in three areas:

1. Ardslignish, Glenborrodale, Laga Bay, Camas Inas: The fibre-optic cable goes right past the doors of most houses in these areas, but there's no 'green box' being planned, so Glenborrodale exchange speeds (it's the wrong word) will continue to make a tortoise proud.

2.  North Coast Ardnamurchan: There's no terrestrial broadband in villages like Kilmory, Ockle and Swordle at present.  The good news?  Nothing's going to change.

3.  Portuairk, Achosnich, Achnaha and the lighthouse do have broadband, but the speeds are patchy and probably won't get a huge amount better.

BUT.... We can do something about it.

If you live in these areas, or have a holiday home there, or have a business there, and would like to see good broadband speeds, then there IS something you can do to help both yourself and the community.  If you haven't already done it, fill in the form (link here) which can be downloaded from Dropbox, and send it to the Diary at - Dave Kime isn't available at the moment.  A committee has been set up by the West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company to pursue various options with Community Broadband Scotland.  CBS are being very helpful, but won't do anything until we have the evidence.

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