Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - Day 5 Afternoon

The Lysblink Seaways is now safely anchored in a new position a mile to the east of Mingary Pier.  The salvors have started the process of pumping her fuel from the lower tanks into the two higher ones.  Whether the fuel will remain there when she is taken away still doesn't seem certain - they may pump it off the ship into a tanker which will be brought alongside, though this will be difficult in view of the poor forecast for the next two days.

There are still a lot of worries in the community, but the mood amongst those working on the ship is much more positive.  The two local creel fishermen use this area, and some creels have had to be moved.

The earliest the Lysblink Seaways is likely to be towed away is Wednesday.

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