Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Weekend's Second Storm

From memory, last December saw one storm, yet we've already had three this, the latest coming through during this morning.  Also unusual is that both the storms this weekend were southerlies, with winds which eased as they swung into the southwest.

Today's weather started with a pastel sunrise over the Sound and a south-southeaster which....

....came round into the south and wound itself up until it was gusting at about force 8, with the same sort of spindrift whirling across the water as we saw yesterday.

We took a walk along the Ormsaigbeg shore as the storm was building, finding plenty of kelp washed ashore but not much else, but it was good to watch the one group of animals which always seem to enjoy the excitement of this sort of weather - the gulls.

With the wind blowing straight into the face of our house and clearing any bird seed which was put out on the terrace, a new, windproof feeding trough was rapidly developed.  It's always interesting to watch when a new contraption is put on trial, to see which bird is the first to use it.  In this case, unusually, it was a robin.  But it wasn't a great success for him as he then had to spend more time defending his trough of food from two other robins than enjoying his discovery.

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