Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Corran Ferry Survey

After the recent steep increase in fares for Corran ferry, and with the prospect of even more to come, Highland Council have commissioned a survey to assess people's use of the service, and to estimate the impact of further fare increases that may be in the pipeline.

One of our local Highland Councillors, Andrew Baxter, has done a great job in trying to protect our interests, and it was he who pressed for a survey to be done.  It's therefore very important that we make our views known.  It isn't only locals who should complete the survey but anyone who uses the ferry, for example when coming here on holiday.

The survey takes a few minutes, and is easy to complete.  The link to the survey is here, but you can phone Highland Council for a paper version if you would prefer that.

1 comment:

  1. Are these the right questions.? It seems unlikely......By concentrating on individual users I doubt that the survey makes any attempt to recognise the huge socio-economic ( business, service, and property price) issues that affect the peninsular at all.