Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bobby Moves to a Pig Heaven

For weeks Bobby has been in the pit of the deepest, darkest depression.  He's been off his food.  He lies all day either in his house or in a muddy wallow, not moving.  He won't come up to the road to talk to anyone.  He's been off his food.  And all this is because he's been missing the love of his life, Betsy, dreadfully.

Hughie arrived this morning with the trailer and backed it up to the pigs' enclosure. Bobby was suddenly galvanised into action.  He came rushing across slobbering in excitement at the prospect of Betsy returning to him but, when the door opened, Bobby saw no beautiful Betsy pig inside.  He became very agitated.  His slobbering became worse.

Hughie set about trying to lure Bobby into the trailer with a bucket of pig nuts, usually Bobby's favourite, but he wasn't interested.

Hughie rattled the bucket.  Bobby ignored him.  Hughie called.  Bobby ignored him.  He wanted Hughie to collect his Betsy and bring her back.  It looked like stalemate until Hughie came back out of the trailer, bent down and said something very quietly to Bobby.  The small crowd that had by now gathered to watch the spectacle, looked on in amazement as Bobby....

....meekly walked up the ramp and allowed Hughie to close the door.  What on earth had Hughie said to him?

We know now.  Bobby was off to another part of the croft where three new lady pigs were awaiting him - none of them Betsy.

Modesty precludes a photograph of what happened when Bobby charged down the ramp into the new enclosure.  Suffice it to say that Bobby had a smile on his face for a full twenty minutes.


  1. Hmmm.... potentially in four months or so there could be about forty pigs looking for grazing. I wonder where Hughie will decide that will be.

  2. clever pig getting Hughie into the trailer