Friday, 6 December 2013

A North Wind and Snow

By yesterday evening the north wind had brought clearer but much colder air across the peninsula, with the occasional flurry of snow.  At 5.00pm the thermometer in our front garden read -2C and conditions on the road round the back of Ben Hiant had become unpleasant.

The picture shows one of the clear moments, with the first sight of the new moon and, below it and to the left, the evening star - the planet Venus.

We woke to patches on snow at sea level, while Ben Hiant looked at if someone had dusted the hill with icing sugar.

As the morning wore on the sun came out and the north wind dropped.  This picture looks from the jetty by the Ferry Stores across to the croft houses of Kilchoan township, with Glas Bheinn behind them.

At midday the temperature stood at 3C, and high cloud had drawn across the sun.  The cold version of winter has visited us briefly.  The forecast is for a return to a more familiar pattern of warmer, wetter, and greyer weather.


  1. Jon, o/t, and perhaps you know already, but I've just seen on the BBC that 1700 19C Ordnance Survey field surveyors name books, including dictionaries and histories have been added to the government's Scotlands Places website.

  2. Sorry - I lost this very useful comment. Many thanks, I'll look for them as they should hold a wealth of information. Jon