Saturday, 14 December 2013

One Down, One to Go....

The first gale of the weekend behaved perfectly, arriving perhaps a little early, which is only polite,  around ten, and finishing with a flourish of torrential rain on time at mid-afternoon.  Judging from the state of the sea - allowing that this was a southerly gale with a short fetch across the water from Mull - at its height we probably had gusts around force eight, which one could track coming across the Sound by the blown spray.

To our surprise CalMac's Clansman came up the Sound shortly after one, hugging the Mull side to keep out of the worst of the sea - but look closely at the picture as there's a small boat just to the left of the Clansman's stern heading down the Sound.

The local small birds have to keep feeding whatever the weather but it's the devil of a job landing on peanut feeders in a force eight.

No-one looked more miserable than Betsy who managed to turn her breakfast over, so had to eat it out of the mud.  Worse, two pheasants appeared and, despite her protests, insisted on sharing the meagre, muddy fare with her.

No damage has been reported in the village except that the same tarpaulin has come off the same shed as in the previous gale.  Since eight this morning we've had 20mm of rain, so the burns are rushing torrents, but the sky cleared around four to allow a pale sunset away to the southwest.  We now have a short respite before the next gale comes in, due to arrive around ten tomorrow morning.

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