Monday, 30 December 2013

More News from Antarctica

From Trevor Potts:

We appear to have had an unprecedented spell of good weather in Antarctica with lots of sunshine and not too much wind. Our crossings of the Drake passage (three times each way) have been very easy - long may it continue. Tonight we have a gale forecast about the time we pass Cape Horn. Yesterday we sailed to within a mile and half of Cape Horn (above) in sunny and almost windless conditions.

This photo shows the albatross sculpture on a lower headland next to the Horn.

The penguin chicks appear to be a little late this year, only these Adelie chicks so far. This next trip we will see plenty of Chinstrap and Gentoo chicks.

This gives some idea of the scenery we're enjoying in the Antarctic.

The blue ship in the picture is the Polar Pioneer, seen last week in Penola Strait navigating through the brash ice we had just come through. That ship is a sister ship to the Shokalsky which is stuck in ice near Mawson station south of New Zealand. I spent two Antarctic seasons on the Shokalsky.

Wordie House is named after James Wordie from Shackleton’s Expedition. It was an all-year station in the 1950s.

We walked to it over the sea ice from Vernadsky station which used to be the British Faraday base.

Best wishes to everyone for New Year.

Many thanks to Trevor, who runs the Ardnamurchan Campsite.

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