Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Piglets Move In

Hughie appeared yesterday evening with the trailer, and deposited Betsy with her eight piglets in the field opposite our house.  It was too late to take any pictures, which is a pity as the piglets had flatly refused to get into the trailer so Hughie had had to pick them up individually, and ended up browner than when he started.

Anyway, he was up here this morning to feed Betsy, who had had a miserable night as she could hear the screams from the next door field as Bobby chased his three new ladies round their run.  In protest she threw all the straw out of her house.

While Betsy came up to the trough to feed on a healthy breakfast of pig nuts, oats and organic cabbage, Hughie went to rout out the piglets.  It's miserable weather for them, so they were rather unwilling to leave the steel shed that's now their home.

Only one of them seemed interested in solid food, all the rest....

....preferred to latch on at the downstream end while Betsy ate.

So we have to resign ourselves to the prospect of the usual round of squeals, fights and escapes until these piglets grow old enough to become bacon.


  1. The piglets will need to put on a bit of fat before Thursday's cold snap.

  2. Sharon Maclachlan3 December 2013 at 22:32

    Jon there are 10 piglets but if you csn only see 8 the other 2 must have smelt your organic veggie so I'd check your garden :-) and Derryck the piglets have plenty of fat on them

    1. Well done to all concerned for piggy pastoral care. Betsy and brood look in fine nick.

  3. Hi Sahron - Many thanks for drawing the world's attention to the fact that, as an ex-maths teacher, I can't count. If Hughie told you the organic veg was mine I think he's telling pork pies - I'd check your larder if I were you. Jon