Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Gale

A gale has been blowing since first light this morning.  We walked down to the shop at nine as usual, and made it in about five minutes instead of the usual fifteen - all we had to do was jump in the air and the wind did the rest.  Walking home took half an hour.  The worst thing is the sleety rain pitting ones face.

There seems to be some disagreement between weather sites as to when the worst will come, in the next hour or so or around lunchtime.  At least, for the moment, the power is still on.

What's unusual about this gale as compared to the other recent half-dozen is that the barometer has fallen off the bottom of the scale - it's currently stuck on 958.  The red card shows the last very low reading, in 2005, at 969.

Feeling very sorry for those hoping to use the ferries to get home to the isles for Christmas.  Many are cancelled.

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  1. The barometer is currently at 947 hPa over here in Glencoe.

    Regards & Merry Christmas,