Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sea Eagle Over the Bay

We spotted the sea eagle from the Ormsaigbeg road, low over Kilchoan Bay, apparently struggling against a stiff southerly breeze on his way back to Mull....

 ....harried by a small group of gulls which obviously liked the idea of him going home as quickly as possible.  But then we spotted something else, below the eagle and to the left in the water - an otter with something in his mouth.  The sea eagle had been hoping for a cheap meal at the otter's expense until he was disturbed by the gulls.

The sea eagle gave up, rising....

....until he was silhouetted against the Estate lands and the foothills of Ben Hiant.  Then he suddenly turned....

....and flew towards us....

....passing almost directly overhead before....

....disappearing behind the trees.


  1. Brilliant photos - up there with your otter shots!

  2. fantastic, only there in November and miss it so much..

  3. You and that camera! Is there any limit to the wonders and delights you treat us to!

  4. A terrific sequence of pics Jon, and brilliant close up pics without the aid of any fancy enhancing equipment.

    The Raptor