Friday, 20 December 2013

Summer in Antarctica

From Trevor Potts in Antarctica:

We have just arrived back in Ushuaia this morning after our second trip to Antarctica. The passengers for our Christmas cruise arrive later today and we should be into the Drake Passage by 2am. The weather has been unseasonably warm with little wind - unlike Kilchoan I believe.

Hopefully we will be seeing the first penguin chicks this next cruise. I managed to get this shot of a Peal’s Dolphin as we approached to within 5 miles of Cape Horn yesterday morning.

We have had a lot of sunny days during the last two trips as you can see from the pictures. Picture of me at the top of short climb at Almirante Brown Station in Paradise Harbour, and....

....this is the Corinthian (ex Clelia II) at the same place, with an iceberg for scale.

The Corinthian is shown here at Port Lockroy (see their blog, here) with Big Momma and her seven sisters in the background.  We plan to be at Port Lockroy on Christmas Day. Port Lockroy is a museum and shop, originally set up to monitor radio traffic and studying the ionosphere in 1944, becoming the first permanent scientific base in Antarctica.

Happy Christmas to everyone.

Trevor Potts

Many thanks, Trevor, for sending this to the Diary.
Trevor, when he isn't in Antarctica, runs the Ardnamurchan Campsite, link here

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  1. When the ship that Trevor is on is in ais range, it can be found on

    Just search for Corinthian & out of the various ships that are listed by that name, select 'Corinthian - Passengers Ship [MT]' The last position was on the 19th December.

    Alan (Dundee)