Saturday, 21 December 2013

The MacLennans Remembered

From Rob Thompson:

Trixie and Peter MacLennan lived at The Kennels, above, in Pier Road.  It was not until Peter had died that Trixie found Peter's "Mentioned in Despatches" clasp - an award given for "gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy".

Apparently it was awarded for his actions at Monte Casino when he was a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps. A truck had fallen into a deep ravine, carrying a vital part for some important equipment and was under direct enemy fire. Peter volunteered to go down and rescue the part but was pinned down for 48 hours before returning with it successfully.

He was always a shy, modest man.

He was also the most courteous, friendly and helpful of neighbours. When we moved into his old house, next to The Kennels which he and Trixie had converted into their retirement home, we asked whether he felt that planting trees there was a realistic idea. After a short pause for consideration and not wanting to dampen enthusiasm, he replied, "Well, no one's done it - yet."

Whenever we came back from a trip south, we would find Trixie had prepared a two course supper for us.

Some of our abiding memories of them are many evenings of laughter over a dram and some fascinating memories and insights into Highland life - although Peter never talked about his war.

Many thanks to Rob for writing about his memories of the MacLennans.

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