Tuesday, 24 December 2013

1950s Ardnamurchan Film

Between 1949 and 1950, Iain Dunnachie made a 16-minute film about Ardnamurchan, a copy of which lay in the vaults of the Scottish Screen Archive.  For some years, Alasdair Thornton and other members of the local community have been pressing the Archive to digitalise it so it could be more widely available.  They have now done this, and the link to the film 'Ardnamurchan' is here.


  1. film is great - glad it's now available for many to see

  2. What a Christmas treat! Thanks to all concerned.

  3. Loved it has anyone been able to identify any of the people in the film for the Kilchoan section

  4. Absolutely wonderful! Being from the upmarket side of the sound, and being, also, on the young side, I can`t identify any of the Gurnets in the film.
    The clip of MacBraynes M.V. LOCHBUIE, however, is really interesting. She was, originally, an Air Sea Rescue launch, intended to rescue downed air crew from the sea, in WW2. I think she is seen here in what must be very close to her appearance, as built, and I don`t remember her looking like that at all. MacBraynes, had her altered later, and her rigging was largely removed, her Deckhouse was raised, and lengthened, and I think they fitted less powerfull/more economical, Perkins engines. Her hull lines remained unaltered. I think she must have had the original engines in this clip, as it looks as though you could have water skied behind her!
    I can possibly i.d. two of her crew as seen in the film.
    The late Henry MacMillan, is, I think, seen scrambling over the cargo on the after deck, and the also late George Sproat is walking along beside the Starboard rail.
    This stuff is priceless, as is all the other material that this link lets you into.
    Thanks for it, Regards, Muileachmor.

  5. I really enjoyed it too. It would be great if there was a commentary that listen to as you watched it that told you about some of the people and places.

  6. The Scottish Screen Archive is keen to have a commentary on the film. Finding out who everyone is, and locating all the places filmed, would be a great project for someone.