Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Lost Lapwing

Many thanks to the Raptor for these pictures of a lapwing, taken near Mingary Steading this morning.

We don't see many lapwings on West Ardnamurchan at any time of year.  We don't see any in winter - most lapwings winter in the southwest of Britain.  So this one is a bit of a rarity, and may have lost his way.

The Raptor reports that the bird looked weak and disorientated, as if it had been knocked around in the recent gale, and was unusually easy to approach.  There's some suggestion that the gale may have brought it right across the Atlantic, and that this is an American lapwing, an idea which may fit in with the sighting of what may have been a gadwall just off the beach at Sanna on Sunday.

Many thanks to the Raptor for the pictures.


  1. According to our Canadian birder on the ship there is no such thing as an American lapwing. It is local TP

  2. In the late sixties it was not uncommon to have flocks of a score or more around Kilchoan. Peewits we called them. Nursed an injured one once and was so so struck by the beauty of the bird; a rare chance, (before digital photography), to see one up close