Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Waders in Flight

The Diary's lack of technical expertise in photography can sometimes be compensated for by the use of the 'burst' setting on these miraculous digital cameras.  Out of the mass of images that come home, occasionally one comes up trumps.

This picture was taken at Sanna after a group of small waders, which had refused to stay still long enough along the shoreline to have their picture taken, took off and flew over the bay.  Out of the 'burst' of five pictures, this one worked.

It shows turnstones, with the more patterned wings, flying with ringed plovers.  Both the plovers and the turnstones which winter here are mainly from Canada and Greenland.  If such a migration seems a long way, an Australian turnstone which was fitted with a geolocator was tracked on a 27,000 kilometre round trip to and from its breeding grounds in northern Siberia.

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