Monday, 11 November 2013

Phantom Piglets Finally Arrive

Congratulations to Betsy and Bobby on the arrival of ten little piglets.  When we went down to Hughie's shed to visit at half past ten this morning, it looked very much as if there might be more on the way.  Hughie is hoping for twenty to make up for the fact that they're two months late.

Nobody seemed to have told Bobby, who was going about his daily business with the hang-dog expression he's adopted ever since Betsy went away.


  1. Nice to see Betsy has had her litter, hope this means Bobby has dodged the bacon slicer for the moment. All the best to hughie.

  2. From Fiona:

    " Hi there we are on holiday staying at Sanna and would love to see the piglets, can we stop by to say hello? "

  3. they are sooo cute!!! squee!!