Friday, 8 November 2013

Hector Henderson

From John Proctor:

My cousin Jim Ives undertook his second world war pilot training in the southern states of America under the 'Arnold Scheme'. W/O Ives was killed flying operations with RAF Bomber Command in January 1944. I have been trying to find out about some of Jim's associates named in his flying log-book. One trainee pilot with whom Ives shared flying time in the USA was LAC H Henderson. I am very interested to find out whether this was Hector Henderson who died in a flying accident during the Operational Training Unit stage of his pilot training in March 1943. I understand that Sgt Hector Henderson was buried in Acharacle Cemetery. Can anybody tell me something about Hector Henderson please?

It is possible that H Henderson is one of the off-duty pilot cadets in the attached photo from cousin Jim's effects (Jim Ives is far right, in uniform). I believe that the photo was taken in the USA circa April/May 1942 and copied by each of those pictured as I subsequently came across a duplicate in a photo album compiled by Robbie Jones (front centre).

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  1. Hector Henderson is my great uncle. I remember a photograph of him in my grandparents house but my memory isn't good enough to recognise him in the photo. I'm sure an uncle or aunt would though