Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vicious Weather

We've been under the Atlantic westerlies for the last two days, winds which have gusted to near gale force in the squalls, bringing a mixture of hail, sleet and heavy rain.... and thunder and lightning.  This is what Kilchoan Bay looked like as the shop opened at nine this morning, but....

....heavy clouds were building to the north, from whence came peels of thunder, while we remained in brilliant sunshine.  With our electricity supply dependent on one line which snakes along the peninsula, it only takes one strike to knock it out; and a strike on the telephone lines, which is not uncommon, blows routers.

The wildlife carries on regardless.  These greylag geese were enjoying the gusty weather over the Sound - that's Rubha nan Gall lighthouse on the Isle of Mull in the distance.

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