Thursday, 28 November 2013


For the past five days we've been under the influence of high pressure, the barometer hovering around 1040 millibars.  Normally, one can hope for a few cold but brilliantly sunny days under a winter high pressure system, but this one lurked to the south of us, drawing in high cloud and occasional drizzly rain from the Atlantic.  The north coast - this is Swordle Bay yesterday - seemed as grey as the south, except....

....when the world was viewed from the mudflats around the Kilchoan slipway, when the only splash of colour at this morning's low tide came from two orange buoys.

For some, like this grey heron, grey skies are fine as they help to camouflage grey feathers, but for most of the human population, a change would be cheering.  And there is a change on the way for tomorrow, but not of the right sort: we're forecast strong westerlies again, with possible gale force winds by 8.00am.

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