Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sanna on a Blustery Day

We walked at Sanna yesterday so the young ones could pick up some of the colourful flat periwinkles featured recently in this blog, here.  When we arrived we were the only car in the car park, and there were two others in it when we left.

The seas were dominated by a strong westerly, the waves breaking across the skerries offshore....

....and rolling in to the many bays into which this wonderful beach is divided.  These pictures may give the impression that it was wall-to-wall sunshine while we were there.  It wasn't.  The showers were frequent and too fierce to use the camera.

But when the sun did come out the colours were wonderful even if, as in this picture, they were masked to an extent by a mist of spray coming in off the breakers.  This is the southernmost and most enclosed of Sanna's bays, with the township of Portuairk in the distance.

As we walked back towards the car park we saw the last of many rainbows, which are one of the positive sides to the showers.  This one came down on Sanna's red telephone box: we checked, but found no pot of gold inside.

To end their day's exercise, the next generation down went for a swim off Ormsaigbeg.  The Dairy went with them to watch, and it rained, so returned to the house almost as wet as they.

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