Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Greylags at Grigadale

The greylags came from the direction of Grigadale farm, where they've been settled for some weeks, grazing the grass on the meadows and swimming on the loch.  They wheeled from where we were standing, near the static caravans Grigadale, heading towards Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, then flew out across the bay....

 ....to come round closer in front of us.  All the time they were calling to each other, not in alarm but as if this was a social event, a chance to chat.

 They then headed up the Allt Grigadale, back toward the loch, before....

 ....swinging round again to pass low in front of the lighthouse.

Finally, they headed out to sea, their cries becoming fainter and fainter.

It didn't look as if they were leaving - if they were, they were going in the wrong direction, north.  Perhaps, in the bright sunshine of early morning, they just wanted to exercise themselves before settling to the vital job of eating a living.

1 comment:

  1. Jon, what a magnificent photograph (no.2) of the Greylags passing in front of you. The lighting and shutter speed give an almost 3D effect. Your walls must be covered with the Diary's best!