Friday, 8 November 2013

Portrait of a Worried Man

Hughie's a worried man.  Betsy is doing nothing except luxuriate in hotel accommodation in Hughie's barn, with no sign of any piglets, and she's getting him up at night to check she's okay and doesn't need room service, so Hughie came along this morning to have a chat with Bobby about the future.  The Diary fears that, unless something miraculous happens in the next few days, words like 'bacon' may be part of a future discussion.

Despite all his porcine problems, at least Hughie is appropriately attired, sporting the very best and latest in pig farmer apparel....

....which should bring some smiles to faces round the community.

We need a smile or two.  The weather yesterday was appalling, rain, hail, lightning and gusts near gale-force.  We were woken by a fierce hailstorm at about 3.30 this morning.  The rainfall total for the last 24 hours was 17mm, most of it arriving in those heavy showers.

1 comment:

  1. Hughie is right to be worried. There are too many of these fully grown, would-be parents living apart and not adding to society.
    As ever, while the woman creates havoc in the early hours, it's the male fielding the complaint.
    Cut her benefits Hughie!
    Peter C