Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All Change in the Weather

With the wind in the north throughout last night, and some sharp hail showers coming through, the air temperature in the village plunged below zero for the first time this winter, ensuring that we had a crust of frozen hailstones greying the landscape this morning.

This view looks from Kilchoan across the bay towards Ormsaigbeg, with the village shop, the Ferry Stores, in the centre of the picture.  If the photo seems rather dark, it's because the sky was overcast with a few lonely flakes of snow drifting out of it.

We haven't had many trawlers in the Sound over the last few weeks but this one, OB218, was close in against the Ormsaigbeg shore this morning.  Usually, the name of a trawler can be found on the internet from its registration number, but the only, rather vague reference was to a boat called Crimson Arrow IV.

We wondered why she had come in, but perhaps her skipper had been looking at the weather forecast.

By midday the sky had cleared and the wind had dropped to almost flat calm.  The picture shows the perch on the rocks which sit in the middle of the entrance to Kilchoan Bay, with the mountains of Morvern in the distance.

However, almost everyone was talking about the weather tonight, which....

....according to all the forecasts, is going to see a drastic and very quick change from flat calm.  By seven tonight we're forecast a full gale, and around eight tomorrow morning this forecast site, Yr.No, is predicting a strong gale - that's winds of around 50mph.

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