Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Work at Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle is now almost completely sheathed in scaffolding, both outside and in the courtyard.  The construction of this huge frame has been carried out largely by two men, with workmen from the main contractor carrying material to where it's needed.

Progress on the restoration and refurbishment of the castle, which is likely to take two years to complete, can be followed on the Mingary Castle Preservation & Restoration Trust's website, here.

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  1. I can imagine some concern from visitors arriving by ferry who don't know what's going on here - "Are they building a shopping centre? With a multi-storey car park?"

    Having followed your excellent Mingary Castle blog I have great respect for the scaffolders, it's an art I'd never thought about before.

    Look forward to following further progress!

    (Sorry if I end up posting two comments; I've just had a fight with Google, and think I lost the first one)