Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lively Weather

Late yesterday afternoon the weather cleared briefly and a rainbow formed across Kilchoan Bay, but during the night and this morning the wind moved round from the southeast into the south and then southwest....

....and increased, so that by early afternoon it was a good force 6 gusting to gale 8 - giving us a foretaste of what England is forecast over the next 24 hours.  We've had 15mm of rain in the last 24 hours which had topped up burns which were already running high.

During mid-afternoon we were surprised to CalMac's Hebridean Isles come into the Sound from the west, hugging the Mull side which was protected from what was now a westerly.  The Hebridean Isles is standing in for the Lord of the Isles.  CalMac is reporting that the next Oban-Coll-Tiree sailing is cancelled.

For some of us, being out in the wind and fresh air is exhilarating, but for others this miserable weather is the last straw.  Bobby has hardly moved from his house since Betsy was taken away, only venturing forth when Hughie brings his food, but....

....the man's completely lost his appetite.


  1. Poor forlorn pig. What a shame!!!

  2. I must admit that's part of the reason why I like living in a city as I have more boxes to hide in when the weather turns grim. Poor Bobby. You'll probably already know the old country saying.. 'Dogs look up to you, cats look down at you, but pigs are equal :)
    Maybe he's just smart.