Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bird News

Life for the Ormsaigbeg buzzard parents and their one child is never easy.  Judging from the scarcity of dead mice brought in the back yard by our cats, the rodent population is down, and when the parents are out hunting....

....the local crows won't leave them alone.

To make matters worse, the skies are increasingly crowded, with hundreds of fieldfares arriving to gorge on the bumper crop of berries.  They join....

....the starlings which seem, from the rows of them along the power lines at the back of the Ferry Stores, to have had another good breeding year.

They look black and nondescript from a distance but, get up close when they're sitting in the sunshine, and their feathers can be seen to have a metallic, purple through to green sheen.

Meanwhile, down at the water's edge, the resident curlews are being joined by small groups of incoming ducks.  Here, a curlew shares the rich pickings amongst the seaweed of low tide with a pair of wigeon.

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  1. Really sharp photographs. Very impressed. Must be a fast shutter speed on the buzzard to capture every feather in such fine detail from a distance