Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Second Glendrian History

I used to think that all that was left of Glendrian's history lay in the stone houses, byres and walls that lay scattered around its beautiful site.  A little research produced some stark facts, from maps and historic documents, which were published in the Diary here, but the people seemed lost.

That was until Andy Carter contacted the Diary to say that he had done some research into his family, the MacLachlans, who had lived in Glendrian for hundreds of years.  With his kind permission, the Diary was able to provide a link to his first history, a wonderful document which brought Glendrian's people back to life - it's here.  Now he has published a second history which is as fascinating as the first.

Andy's second history is here.


  1. Jon,

    It is a pleasure to share what I’ve managed to piece together about the place, people who lived there and some of the events that shaped it course including a few of the tales.


  2. I have walked to Glendrian many times and always wondered who lived there. Andy's articles are totally fascinating. Many thanks for writing/sharing them.

  3. I have found these articles amazingly interesting. I believe the Alexander and Mary Cameron mentioned on page 5 of part 2 to be my g.g.grandparents.