Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sunshine, Showers and Ships

Today's weather did what it was told to do by the Norwegians who wrote yesterday's forecast: the wind steadily moved into the northwest and picked up, though it didn't reach the gale it was supposed to; the clouds broke up, and brought us a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers; and....

....the change blew in the occasional trawler looking for a bit of calmer water in which to catch some fish.  The one visible off Mingary in Ben McKeown's picture is....

 ....the Dawn Maid, TN102, a scallop dredger, which later came in close under the Ormsaigbeg cliffs.

Having said in yesterday's 'Ships in the Sound' that the cruise ships had gone, the Diary had forgotten about the Hebridean Princess, which keeps plying these waters despite the season.  She spent last night tucked in to Bloody Bay, opposite us on the coast of Mull, before heading out this morning towards Ardnamurchan Point.

Many thanks to Ben McKeown for the second and the last pictures in this sequence.  You can see more of Ben's pictures on his website, 

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