Friday, 25 October 2013

Ed Cole's Photographs

Every year, thousands of visitors come along the Ardamurchan peninsula - something like 18,000 of them visit the lighthouse visitors' centre - and many of them take photographs of this beautiful place.  It's always a pleasure when the Diary has the opportunity to publish some of these pictures, particularly when, as in this instance, the photographer is a professional.

Ed Cole is a freelance photographer and videographer who has recently spent a week in Kilchoan. Although he has visited Ardnamurchan several times over the last fourteen years, this time, as well as being a holiday, was his first visit as a professional photographer.

He has now posted a selection of his pictures on his website, here.  He has put together a "video portrait" of western Ardnamurchan, combining timelapse and video shots, which can be found here.

He also took a timelapse of a rainstorm seemingly overwhelming Kilchoan. It's well worth checking out here.

Many thanks to Ed Cole for permission to publish his photograph.


  1. Interesting link to Impressions of Ardnamurchan.
    But I was very sad that it included a less than pretty view of Kilchoan petrol pumps, a bowser, oil tanks near the lighthouse, rusting farm equipment in a field.
    This is not my lasting memory from this stunningly beautiful area.