Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ormsaigbeg Olives

Some readers may be a little surprised to hear that an olive-growing industry is now thriving here in West Ardnamurchan.

As can be seen in the picture, the crop is well on its way to maturity.

Decisions have yet to be made on what the crop will be used for.  There would be a ready market for 'Kilchoan Extra Virgin Olive Oil' in small, fancy bottles sold a a premium at The Ferry Stores, but it's more likely that they'll go to some sort of connoisseur cocktail olives, perhaps stuffed with Ormsaigbeg bacon.

The olive-growing enterprise is the idea of new Ormsaigbeg resident Penny Horner, who has just completed building a house towards the end of the Ormsiagbeg road.

At present the trees are grown hydroponically in small tubs, but the plan is to cover whole hillsides with olive groves.

That olives grow so well here shouldn't be a surprise.  After all, an Australian eucalyptus thrives in a neighbouring property, and there's a palm tree at Sanna.

Many thanks to Penny for the pictures.

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