Thursday, 17 October 2013

It's a Hard Life

A pig farmer's life is full of worry.  Here is a disconsolate Hughie standing in an Ormsaigbeg field on a beautiful sunny day looking at two prime pork production machines which are simply not doing their jobs.

Betsy was due to have piglets - according to Hughie - way back in August, but the Diary has been saying for many weeks that Betsy is enjoying a phantom pregnancy.  The fact that she's swollen up is nothing to do with piglets and everything to do with Bobby being much nicer recently about allowing her a fair share of the feast Hughie delivers each morning.

The Diary suspects that there's some sort of conspiracy going on.  If Betsy gets pregnant, she's taken away to have her piglets and Bobby, who has no other purpose in life than producing more piglets with Betsy, is then left alone.  And Bobby doesn't like being alone.

At the same time, after losing all of her last lot of piglets, Betsy isn't too keen to try again.  So, being intelligent pigs, they've worked out a very simple simple solution.

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  1. Having spent 4/5 days in Scotland in both 2005 and 2007, I know I saw very little of its beauty. I enjoy the photos you post and look for them eagerly each morning
    Myra, from Canada where autumn is certainly upon us and the forecast is for possible snow flurries on Saturday