Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Singing Midwife at the Ardnamurchan Yurt

UK-based independent midwife and storyteller Julie Dawid (AKA ‘The Singing Midwife’) is about to embark upon a UK tour to raise funds in support of independent (self-employed) midwives - and one of the venues she'll be performing is the Ardnamurchan Yurt.

Julie's tour is to support the 170 independent midwives who practise throughout the UK who will not, unless able to secure PII insurance, be able to continue to practise legally once an EU Directive comes into force in the UK later on this year.

Julie, who trained as a midwife in Edinburgh, having previously worked as a storyteller in Glasgow, says “I’m going to be singing all manner of songs related to the work of a midwife – songs about babies being made on the roof of a park shed, about how dads feel after being up all night (yet again) and I’ll also be sharing some stories from a rich history of myths and legends connected to birth.

"Although I've lived in Scotland for over a decade and travelled widely, I have never made it up to Ardnamurchan. Over the last few years several of my friends have ventured to build their lives there, and now I'm finally getting to visit."

The event is on Thursday 24th October and bookings can be made here.

The Ardnamurchan Yurt has a Facebook page here.

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