Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Views from the Lighthouse Road

A drive to Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse on Sunday provided some ideal opportunities for photographs.  This first one is of Lochan na Crannaig with the ridge of Beinn na h-Imeilte beyond.  The crannog, after which the lochan is named, was on the little island on the far side of the water.  Not only was the sun out but the air was particularly clear, and the dying bracken provided some warm colour.

This view was taken from in front of the Sonachan Hotel, looking down the valley of the Sruthan Bhraigh nan Allt to the township of Achosnich.  To the left, above Achosnich, is Beinn Bhuidhe, and in the left foreground is one of the many heavily-laden rowan trees.

This looks the opposite way, from the crossroads at Achosnich back to the Sonachan Hotel.  The leaves of many of the deciduous trees are beginning to die, but some are still in vivid greens.

The last picture was taken from the top of the hill above Achosnich on the lighthouse road, and it looks through the gap cut into the hills by a tributary of the Sruthan Bhraigh nan Allt to the east of the Sonachan.  The peak in the distance is Ben Hiant.

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