Sunday 13 October 2013

Painting the Foghorn

Ian Ramon was completing a full repaint of the lighthouse foghorn this morning.  Ian always does things with style, so he wore his red boiler suit to match the paint colour.

Many visitors will know Ian from his present job working for the Lighthouse Trust, where he greets visitors at the top of the lighthouse tower.  Ardnamurchan lighthouse is at the most westerly point on the British mainland, and has magnificent views across the Minches to the lesser isles and, on brilliant days like today, as far as the islands of the Outer Hebrides - see its website here.

Ian is well-qualified for his present job.  He was for many years one of the lighthouse keepers at Ardnamurchan Point, so can describe life as a keeper as well as explaining how things like the foghorn worked.


  1. Great to see the fresh paint... but oh to hear it working. I can also testify to Ian's capability as custodian and guide, however many times he has to answer the same and sometimes silly questions. The climb to the top of the light is well worth the effort and money. I have spent unforgetable evenings sitting on the rocks watching the sun set over the Outer Hebrides and watching the light beam rotate, and dearly hope I can do so again, likewise watching basking sharks just off the rocks. I would love to stay at Steading Holidays house at the light. One day...

  2. IAN thank you, for saving our little friend the foghoorn!
    I'm so happy! He will shine again! he was so neglected!
    Alan Stevenson and his family would be happy
    A lot of respect for you IAN
    You're the real lighthouse keeper
    Thank you a thousand times
    Greta from Antwerp