Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Pine Marten Visits

These pictures of a pine marten visiting Trevor Potts' Ardnamurchan Campsite were taken using a trail camera by Martin Summers, who has been here for the last few days.  Martin set up the camera just outside his caravan, and these are some of the results.

The pine marten made three visits during the two days Martin had the camera set.  The top picture was taken shortly after eleven pm, this one was snapped at a quarter past two in the morning....

....and the pine marten was back again at quarter past three the same night.  This assumes, of course, that it was the same animal each time.

As well as the pine marten, the camera was triggered by a visiting hedgehog and, too many times, by a small mouse who was doing his level best to get a clip onto YouTube.

Many thanks to Martin Summers for the pictures.

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