Friday, 4 October 2013


The coming two weeks see the height of the stalking season.  This year's rutting is a bit late, but the stalkers have already been very busy with clients on Ardnamurchan Estate land.

We're great hill walkers, but for the next fortnight we will avoid going into areas where we know that stalking may be happening - we disturbed one stalk a week ago, and don't want a repetition.

For anyone who would like to see stags at their finest, there are two stags which are relatively easily seen.  One, called Goring, is to be seen to the east of the big sheds at Caim, and the other, Lucky, is in the area to the east of Braehouse.  They tend not to move if you stay in your car.

For walkers, the best advice is to stick to recognised routes, and if you do want to move off them, try to talk to one of the Estate stalkers in advance.

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