Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer Storm

After a couple of lovely days, which saw the crofters at Millburn begin the task of getting in the haylage - a month late - the weather has decided to make us pay for the pleasure of some sun.

XCWeather usually has the more dire of the forecasts, but even the BBC is talking of winds of 45mph overnight - that's well into force 8.

The wind has been building all afternoon, starting in the southeast and going round steadily into the southwest.  This hasn't helped the process of transferring 700,000 young salmon from Loch Sunart into the new cages below Maclean's Nose. The well boat Ronja Commander, which has been doing the transfer, is seen here beside the cages earlier this afternoon.

Kilchoan's two creel fishermen haven't been out today but have left their boats in Kilchoan Bay.  While it looks quite calm in this picture, as the wind goes round the weather will come straight into the bay.

This is a sad picture - of our kayaks at the top of the beach below our house. The bracken growing through them is evidence that they've had no use yet this year, and the lashings are back on them, ready for the storm.

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