Saturday, 18 July 2015


Cameron Beccario's superb graphic representations of the earth's surface wind speeds - site here -  would be beautiful except for what they often mean on the ground. This clip was taken at 8.30 last night, and shows the gale coming in to western Scotland.

As forecast, the wind went steadily round until it was almost in the west, so most of our side of the peninsula was in the lee of the hills and didn't feel its full brunt - but, lying awake in the small hours, one could hear it roaring out in the Sound.

By first light wind speeds had dropped sufficiently for Cal Mac to be running most of its usual services. This picture shows the Clansman passing the Ardmore Point light shortly before nine this morning, with the conditions still pretty mucky.

The weather appears to be even more unpredictable than usual. Yesterday the forecast was suggesting a miserable day all day today, but this morning's is for a fine afternoon with some.... sun.

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