Monday, 13 July 2015

Fresh Local Cheese

Tom Bryson, who farms at Craigard Croft just along the road from us, keeps....

....a small herd of pedigree Toggenburg goats.  He milks the nannies and, amongst other things, produces.... excellent goats' cheese.  He was kind enough to give us one of his cheeses, neatly wrapped and with a special label.  He wouldn't have been allowed to sell it to us, nor can he offer this fine product to the public through local outlets such as the shop.  He keeps a blog about crofting, on which you can read his 'rant' about the current restrictions on selling farmhouse cheeses.  It's here.

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  1. The bureaucracy obviously gets everyone's "goat" (or not- as the case might be!)
    Peter C