Thursday, 16 July 2015

Local Wildlife

Many thanks to Gordon Mullay for allowing me to publish some pictures from his recent stay on Ardnamurchan.  Gordon writes, "The pictures of the pine marten were taken last Friday in the early evening, and I was lucky enough to have the camera by the window. As they were taken through the window, there is a bit of reflection in them. However, the animal and I were literally two feet away from each other. No zoom was used. It seemed to be a bit smaller than other pine martens we've seen at Otters Holt, so perhaps it's a kit or a young female. It certainly did not seem disturbed by our presence through the glass, or perhaps, the temptation of a free meal was its main priority.

"We saw pine martens almost every evening, but usually after dark. Jam sandwiches and nuts seem to be its favourite snack. Even if nothing had been put out, it still made an appearance to see if any food was available. It even seemed quite happy to share the table with the local hedgehog.

"I managed to get a photo of a very loud stonechat near Ockle, and....

"....the snipe was taken on full zoom at Fascadale. It was very patient and waited until I could get the camera out of the car. I couldn't identify its neighbour though."

Many thanks to Gordon for pictures and story.
Gordon stayed at Otters Holt in Kilchoan.


  1. Just wondering if "Jam sandwiches" are the best food for Pine Martens?

  2. Yes seems its one of their favourites !! Along with Peanut Butter and nuts. These seem to be the choices left out by everyone