Thursday, 2 July 2015

Broadband Petition

They've been digging up the road at the Sanna turn in the middle of the village as part of the - very extended - process of burying all the fibre optic cables for the super-fast broadband that's due to be available some time next year.  It's been inconvenient, but we've enjoyed the workmen's sense of humour.

As has been pointed out before, this service is going to be available to only 114 out of the 289 premises on the peninsula, the beneficiaries being solely within 3km of the Kilchoan telephone exchange.  The remaining 61% of properties will see no improvement - Glenborrodale and along the north coast between Fascadale and Ockle have little to no service along BT landlines at present, and will continue to have.... little to no service.

The serious position in which the residents of these deprived areas now find themselves has been summarised in a document prepared by the West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company and sent to Community Broadband Scotland on Tuesday.  It's available to download here, with its three appendices at AppA, AppB and AppC.

There is something we can all do immediately to support them.  Part of the problem faced by our remote communities is lack of information about which areas will not benefit.  There's a simple petition we can all sign on's website here.  Please could as many people as possible sign it in support of those who are likely to miss out.

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